Arbiter's Decisions

You can search for decisions delivered since 2016 by the Arbiter for Financial Services.

The database of decisions is updated periodically. In accordance with the OAFS policy, complainants’ names are pseudonymised (the actual names are replaced by unrelated alphabetical references).

The remit for the Arbiter for Financial Services is to investigate and adjudicate complaints lodged by eligible complainants (individuals and micro-enterprises) against financial services providers who are licensed or authorised by the Maltese financial services regulator. When cases are referred to the Arbiter and a decision is issued, such a decision is binding on both parties.

Either party can request the Arbiter for clarification or correction to any computation, clerical, typographical, or similar errors within 15 days from the delivery of a decision.   Decisions may be appealed by either party with the Court of Appeal (Inferior Jurisdiction). Decisions may be upheld in full, partially upheld, or rejected.


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